Who Can Help You Create a Will or Trust?

Call Landon H. Thompson, P.C. for help in the Cisco and Dallas, Texas area

Setting up a will or trust can protect your family when you pass away. If you haven’t set up an estate plan, you should do so as soon as possible – otherwise you could be putting your family in dire straits. Landon H. Thompson, P.C. is an estate planning attorney based in Cisco and Dallas, Texas. He serves the entire surrounding area, including the communities of Ranger, Abilene and Graham, Texas. Call today to get the help you need to create a detailed estate plan.

Get your estate in order today

Get your estate in order today

If you are the breadwinner of your household, it is extremely important to have a plan in place for your family in the event of your passing. Whether you need to create a will or trust, Landon H. Thompson can help you with the process. With a clearly defined estate plan, you can:

  • Choose who inherits your property (home, automobiles, etc.)
  • Decide who takes care of your children
  • Designate who will take over your businesses
  • Detail your wishes if you are disabled or incapacitated

Don’t leave your family to pick up the pieces. Contact Landon H. Thompson P.C. right now to discuss your situation.